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July 18, 1995

Vendor's Catalogue Effective Date

Company Name & Address per Centralized Master Bidder List (CMBL):

Dott Professional and Technical Services

715 Meriden Lane

Austin, Texas 78703

Order Mailing Address (if different from the CMBL):


Company VID#: 2461770172700

HUB Certified: Yes. If yes, ethnicity code: WO

Company Contact Information

Cristina Feldott

Contact Name.

(512) 478-5327

Phone No.

(512) 478-5322

Fax No


E-mail Address (if available)


Internet Home Page Address (if available)

Other Information (if applicable):

NOTE to State Agencies:

If this Qualified Systems Vendor provides consulting services and if the value of the consulting contract is reasonably foreseen to exceed $10,000.00, please refer to the Private Consultants Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 2254, Subchapter B.

NOTES to all Eligible Purchasers:

  • Only Automated Information System (AIS) products and services may be purchased from this catalogue. Products not eligible for the catalogue purchase procedure must be edited out by the vendor.
  • Disregard any statement in this catalogue that states that prices and availability may change without notice. This catalogue is required to be kept current by the vendor.
  • Disregard any ôproprietary, confidential, copyright (C), all rights reservedÿ statements in this catalogue. Eligible purchasers are allowed to make copies of this catalogue.
  • For services and products offered in this catalogue that have only one price, the price shown may be considered both the list price and state price.
  • Any terms and conditions in this catalogue that conflict with the Constitution or laws of the state of Texas shall not be enforceable and, therefore, will not be binding.
  • All AIS products and services offered in this catalogue conform and comply with all applicable standards adopted by the DIR; and all products conform to all state and federal requirements such as ANSI, FCC, NEMA, OSHA and UL standards.

Maintenance, Repair and Support Plan for Services

Service Descriptions

Class Codes

Class-Item Code 918-28 Computer - Hardware, Consulting Services

Class-Item Code 918-29 Computer - Software, Consulting Services

Class-Item Code 918-30 Computer Network Consulting

Class-Item Code 918-46 Feasibility Study

Class-Item Code 920-04 Applications Software (for Main Frame Systems)

Class-Item Code 920-07 Applications Software for Microcomputer Systems: Business, Mathematical/Statistical, Medical, Scientific

Class-Item Code 920-14 Applications Software (for Minicomputer Systems)

Class-Item Code 920-19 Computer Managment

Class-Item Code 920-21 Data Entry Services

Class-Item Code 920-30 Desktop Publishing Services

Class-Item Code 920-31 Installation of Comptuers, Peripherals, and Related Equipment

Class-Item Code 920-32 Installation of Network Systems

Class-Item Code 920-34 Data and Media Conversion Services

Class-Item Code 920-36 Network Maintenance

Class-Item Code 920-37 Networking Services

Class-Item Code 920-40 Personnel Services - Contract (Not Employment Agency)

Class-Item Code 920-44 Risk Management for Software Development

Class-Item Code 920-45 Software Maintenance/Support

Class-Item Code 920-47 Support Services, Computer

Class-Item Code 920-49 Systems/Executive Software, Mainframe

Class-Item Code 920-56 Systems/Executive Software, Microcomputer

Class-Item Code 920-63 Systems/Executive Software, Minicomputer

Class-Item Code 920-94 Word Processing Software, Mainframe

Class-Item Code 920-95 Word Processing Software, Microcomputer

Class-Item Code 920-96 Word Processing Software, Minicomputer

Class-Item Code 939-21 Computer / Data Processing Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Class-Item Code 964-26 Computer Programming Personnel, Systems Analysts, Networking Techs

Class-Item Code 964-30 Computer Operators, Data Entry